The Accountability Movement™

Renowned author, speaker and consultant Sam Silverstein offers a proven three-step program for creating and supporting accountable teams and communities. Declaring that accountability is the highest form of leadership, Silverstein maintains that in any organization, or in any community, the real problem is never the people. “The problem,” he insists, “is what we, as leaders, believe about our people.”

Sam shows why everything we have been taught about accountability is wrong. Contrary to popular belief, accountability is not a way of doing. Accountability is a way of thinking—and specifically, it’s how we think about our people, the people in our families, our organizations and the people in our community.

The Accountability Movement is all about us as individuals first being accountable in our life and then stepping up to build accountable organizations and communities.  Ultimately, the outcome is to build a more accountable world – a place where we as people see our fellow human beings differently, we commit to them differently and we achieve a different result.

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