The Accountable Community Project™

Communities across the United States are losing their younger citizens to larger cities. The best and brightest are being lured away. 1,350 counties, “non-metro” counties, have lost population since 2010.(1) As people leave, the tax base is diminished, existing companies, healthcare and educational institutions struggle to find quality employees and it grows increasingly impossible to attract new industry and commerce.

Since no community wants to become a less desirable place to live and raise a family it is important to address these real challenges now.

The Accountable Community Project is a community wide initiative designed to create a stronger community by facilitating a process where community leaders discover, define and disseminate community-wide values.  The Accountable Community Project will help any community establish a brighter future not only for the people currently living in the community but also for generations to follow. This is a community-wide project that helps start the tough conversations in communities and brings people together.

Community sessions will be utilized to bring citizens together for the purpose of identifying and setting unifying values in the areas of lifelong learning, inclusion, access and equity, social action and advocacy as it relates to your unique community. Through this facilitated process a diverse cross section of representatives from all sectors of the community will identify community challenges and create implementation strategies.

Our goal is to create a more accountable world; that process starts in communities like yours! The Accountable Community Project is critical in building accountable communities and then applying that knowledge on a larger scale. When communities have a set of values to operate from, a significant result will come about. Everything rises and falls on leadership. Recognizing and leveraging the impact and influence of your leaders will transform your city.

An accountable community creates a better place to live, play and work. Accountable communities will attract and retain citizens, create a stronger workforce, create opportunity for new commerce and imagine and create better healthcare resources, education system and city services. Accountability brings everyone in the community together to work more effectively and to achieve a common goal.

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