The Accountable Leader is Never a Bully

When the headline reads, “Everyone is afraid of him,” that is not a good sign. This tells you that accountability is non-existent. And, you probably also know that engagement, creativity, communication, and ultimately productivity are only shadows of what they could be. With a lack of accountability from leadership to the people, accountability will never exist from the people to leadership.

One of the Ten Commitments of Accountability is, “I Am Accountable to Create a Safe Space”. Why then does a leader bully and disrespect subordinates? We see this all the time and many times “supposed” leaders get away with it. When a leader is a bully and is disrespectful, an “unsafe space” is created, and this destroys the workplace culture, pits one individual against another, and ultimately creates a turnstile of people flooding out of the organization. When people lose, the workplace culture loses, and ultimately the organization loses.

Accountable leaders know that you do not manipulate people to do more for you. They know that accountability is about how we, as leaders, see people, treat people, and commit to people. Bullies should never be tolerated at any level of any organization.

Think about it. Will someone work harder and be more committed to the organization and the mission when you disrespect them? Or will the accountable leader create a higher performing organization by creating a safe space, a place where people feel respected and valued? It is an easy decision and one that every leader must make.


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