The Four Secret Characteristics of Successful People

Why do some people succeed and others fail? Are there genetic differences between those who fail and those who succeed? Is success a result of luck or traits that are learned and developed?

These are just some of the questions we continually ask ourselves as we seek our own success. Does the grass eternally look greener on the other side of the fence? Well, here are the four secret characteristics of all successful people.

1. Vision

All successful people have vision. They see what they want. They have a picture in their mind’s eye of what life or business will be like when they achieve what it is they are seeking. This vision provides energy and direction that will impact your daily thoughts and actions. And, since your daily actions determine where you end up tomorrow, it is critical that you have a vivid vision to strive for.

But a strong vision will do more than inspire and drive your actions. If your vision is powerful enough it will draw others in. If the umbrella of your vision is wide enough, other people will want to be a part of what it is that you are seeking.

Apple computer has legions of loyal customers that advocate for them and help drive their brand. Causes are formed that people are drawn to because they want to be a part of those historical changes and their impact on society.

What is your vision? Do you have a vision of how you want your life to be in one, three, or ten years? What about your business? Do you have a vision of how your business will look in one, three, or ten years? If not, get to work creating that vision. Spread the word, and others will want to be a part of what you are doing as well.

2. Charisma

Do you attract or repel people? That may be a rough question, but the truth is that some people naturally attract others. These “other” people will be the solution to the problems and challenges that you will naturally face as you work toward achieving your vision.

I always felt that the key to the lock of my next challenge was on someone else’s key ring. It is so important to build relationships, to have friends in and out of business, and to have others that want to see you succeed as much as you want to succeed.

One great way to build these relationships and help others at the same time is participating in a Master Mind Group. A Master Mind Group is a formal group of five to seven people that meet on a regular basis to share experiences and help to solve each other’s challenges.

Being a part of professional associations is a great way to meet others that face your same issues. Building relationships within an association will be a great asset for you.

3. Quality Work

If a job is worth doing it is worth doing well. It’s that simple. Do great work. Give great service. Be ultra reliable. Anyone can just show up. You must stand out in your level of performance. Don’t settle for anything less than your best. Don’t make or accept excuses for a level of performance that doesn’t meet the high standard set by your vision.

Have others you trust give you feedback on your performance. Then, make the necessary adjustments so that you are always improving and always exceeding the expectations of your clients, friends, and relatives.

4. Time

Be patient. We tend to look at others and wonder, “How did they become an overnight success?” The truth is, they didn’t. Most overnight successes were 10 years in the making. Some make it sooner. Others take longer.

It takes time to sow the seeds. It takes time to gain the knowledge. It takes time to build the relationships. It takes time to have enough opportunities come your way that you can leverage into the results you desire.

Greed kills patience. Don’t fall prey to it. Don’t settle for less then you can achieve, but at the same time have the patience to consistently do the right thing and make progress on your vision. Continually learn and expand your tool kit. Know that in the long run you will achieve your vision and more!

Adopt these four success characteristics, and you will be on the road to Building A Better Biz!


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