The Power of Better Personal Relationships

I recently returned from a conference for the National Speakers Association in Phoenix, Arizona. As a past president of the National Speakers Association, I’m very involved in what goes on and I enjoy meeting with my peers and friends, communicating on a regular basis.

Here’s what I discovered during the meeting. It was a small meeting of maybe 225 people. Some of the friends that I regularly hung out with were not there and what happened was I had the opportunity to build relationships with some new people or to further relationships with some people that I only had known on the surface. I developed two new partnerships out of this time together.  What I find is that it’s the relationships in our life that drive everything positive.

If you think about your business or your personal life, think about an amazing accomplishment. Think about the number one thing that you’re proud of, and I guarantee you, there is a relationship involved in it. Look in your life both professionally and personally to make contributions to your relationships because as you grow those relationships, you’ll find new ways to advance. You’ll find new ways to achieve. You’ll be helping others achieve and ultimately, they will help you.

Look to grow your sphere of contribution, those people who you proactively contribute to the growth and wellbeing of your relationship.  Think of five people right now that you know and you feel that you should work to further develop your relationships.  What can you do to add value to their personal or professional life?  Have you read an interesting article that they might enjoy?  Have you read a great book lately that you could share with them?  Can you possibly provide them with a professional referral?  Take action now.

Then, think about two people who you would like to get to know and build a relationship.  Find someone who can introduce you.  Look to discover their needs and see how you can deliver value.  Make the effort to start the process that only time can finish.

Contributing to our relationships is something that we’re all accountable for.  By building new relationships and stronger relationships you will be adding value for others and showing accountability for growing your professional and personal life as well.


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