The Privilege and Responsibility of Leadership

The Accountable Leader knows that leadership is a privilege. As a leader you get the ability to impact people’s behavior. When you impact people’s behavior it impacts the business, it impacts families, it impacts schools and ultimately it impacts the community. You, as a leader, position yourself to guide change, to influence the direction of your organization and to help people be better. Leadership is not about entitlements; the privilege of leadership is directly connected to honor and service. When a leader rises with the intention of service the outflow is the growth of both the people and the organization they lead.

The people you lead will always look to you as the example of how to act and handle themselves. You, at your very best, becomes the model, the example and expected norm. If you are not at your very best, then the people you lead will never be able to be at their very best. With the privilege of leadership there is responsibility that your impact is positive.

Leaders carry the responsibility for the well being of all of the people they lead while those people work in your organization. You are accountable to each person even if they do not report directly to you. Your decisions must always be focused on what is best for all of them, not you. Leadership is always, every time, without fail, habitually and unfailingly about the people you lead.

The success and growth of every individual person that falls under your leadership should be your most proud achievement. If it isn’t, then you have some opportunity for growth as a leader.

Some people have leadership responsibilities because of their position but anyone at any level of an organization can impact the lives and behavior of the people around them and be accountable.

When something is seen as a privilege it is valued, appreciated and treated as a special opportunity. These beliefs shape the intentions and actions of the leader. When leaders understand the true impact they can have on their organizations and the communities they do business in, they fully undertake the privilege and responsibility and understand the honor that comes with leadership. Honor flows to the leader because of the impact they have had on the organization and the people they lead. People know their lives have been affected in a positive manor and they strive to honor their leader in return.

Ultimately leadership is a choice. And when you make that choice you are given a privilege and you must accept the responsibility to be the very best leader you can.


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