Values? What Values?

While watching the Republican debates I thought, what is the example we are setting for future generations? Is it really appropriate to verbally attack someone in a debate? Can we expect people to act better than we act on television as we debate the future of our country?

When the candidates expressed contempt for Donald Trump, but turned around and said they would support him if he is the Republican candidate, I think if you really believe someone is bad why would you vote for him? You can’t tell me that you have a standard and then support someone who you’ve said does everything that violates your standard.

If you tell me someone is a liar, then why would you support that person? Is it better to support someone in your party who you have said is a con-artist than someone in another party?

Why doesn’t anyone think this is an issue? Are we still trying to teach our kids right from wrong? Do party lines change right and wrong? Do you put the Republican Party above your values? Do those values get turned on and off only because you are running for president? What really are your values?

All of the candidates have convinced me that they don’t know what their values really are. Why would I ever think that any of the Republican candidates would keep their commitments to me when they won’t even stay committed to their own stated values?

The world is talking about the United States and what I’m hearing isn’t very good. The Pope is talking about us. The Mexican President is talking about us. The British are discussing us in Parliament. Our politics are in the news everywhere and it’s not positive. I travel the world, and I remember when President Obama was elected, the overwhelming positive response to his election from the world. Today it’s a different story all together. We need to step back and ask why so many people are upset and concerned.

We are supposed to be stable and the leader of the free world. If we’re not stable then what? If we start acting the way our Republican candidates have been acting then what? If we don’t know or don’t live our values then what? It’s time to be accountable and live our values, and if you don’t get elected at least you know that you did what you said you were going to do and you acted the way you said you believed you should act.

Until someone takes a stand on their values we will continue to spiral down and loose relevance. It doesn’t matter what you say you believe and value. What matters are your actions and what you really believe and value. Your actions will always reveal what you truly value.

Trump says he’s going to make American great again. The truth is, it’s going to be our values that makes America great again. And a lack of values will unravel all we have worked for. When we identify and live those values, and when accountability is right at the top, we will always be great. It’s our values that made us great and our values that will keep us great.


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