We Are Accountable To Hope

While attending a recent National Speakers Association annual meeting, I noticed that the word “hope” was used dozens of times from the main platform. I started thinking about the concept of hope and concluded that nothing happens without hope.

Hope is what drives all action, and without action, nothing happens. With hope, we believe that something is possible. Once we believe it is possible we will work through the challenges to find the solutions and figure out how to make it happen.

When people don’t believe, they don’t take action, they betray their potential, and eventually, they give up.

Accountable leaders recognize the value of hope and work to instill hope in everyone they come in contact with. When we instill hope in others, they have the opportunity to fulfill their vision and achieve everything they deserve. When we instill hope in others, they remember that we took the time to believe in them, pat them on the back, and encourage them to succeed and, maybe more importantly, significance.

Look around you and see in whom you can instill hope, a dream, and the possibility of reaching higher and achieving more. We all win in the presence of hope.


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