Welcome to America … We Have No Values … It’s All About Power

The time has come to take the gloves off and be brutally honest. When someone is willing to support, give money to or vote to elect someone to the United States Senate who has been accused of molesting a minor then all you care about is power. All you care about is the seat in the Senate and being able to pass a bill. All you care about are money decisions.

We can try and hide behind, “Well, I wasn’t there. He hasn’t been convicted of a crime. He’s a man of God” but the truth is, either you have values and are willing to stand up for those values or you do not. We have to stop trying to justify and rationalize someone’s morally absent actions and stand up for what is right.

Accountability comes down to a moral standard. If we have no moral standard then who are we accountable to? And, for what?

Why are we not all willing to fight for the moral justice? Why would anyone, even for a second, consider voting for a person who is remotely connected to the issues that are being discussed in Alabama. I really don’t understand how we got here but we had better stop and do something or it’s going to get even worse.

When you really value something then you live it, every time, period! There are never exceptions to a value! You don’t make exceptions in your values to win a vote, you don’t make exceptions in your values to be on the winning side and you don’t make exceptions in your values to support a political party. This issue is much, much bigger than politics.

Values are not easy. Accountability is not easy. Doing what is right is not always easy. But, when you stay the course you create a long-term situation that is better.

When we don’t stick to our values we sacrifice our future. When we sacrifice our future for short-term personal, monetary or political gains then we spiral out of control and position ourself for consistent, long-term failure.

Enough is enough. Forget whether you are a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent. STOP and think about what you really value and then act, make decisions and vote for people who will live those values. The politics will take care of itself over time when we have really good, honorable people in leadership positions.


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