What Is Your Customer Accountability?

How good are you at customer accountability? That’s right. Customer accountability. That’s the accountability that we have as business professionals to the clients and customers that we serve. I believe we can apply our accountability in four areas.

The first is that we are accountable for our organization to give a great experience. The customer experience should be exceptional. It should be innovative. It should be new. It should have ways that the customer can engage you that are different from engaging the competition because ultimately, clients come back because they’re satisfied with the experience they had. The relationship is part of the experience, but also what went into that transaction? What were the steps? Was it easy to do business with you? Was it fun to engage you in business?

The second area of accountability that we have to our clients is that we’re accountable to give them the opportunity to give us immediate feedback after the sale. In other words, we need to put them in a position where they can tell us what that experience was about because that gives us the information we need to improve. It also allows them to share their opinion and shows that we really appreciate how they feel about the relationship.

The third accountability is that we are accountable to follow up with the customers down the line to make sure that they are still as happy with the product or service as they were when they initially engaged us. This builds for long term relationships.

And that leads to the fourth accountability.  We are accountable to follow up with the clients to re-engage them, to offer them additional products and/or services that will help fit their needs and solve some of their problems. That’s building a long term relationship where both parties are involved and both parties are benefiting.

Being accountable to our customers in these four areas will not only benefit them but it will help us grow our organization.


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