What is Your Strategic Intent?

I was working with a client yesterday and the client asked me, “How do I know what my strategic intent is?” Wow! That’s a powerful question because that’s the core of any enterprise.

What is your strategic intent? Your strategic intent is what it is you’re trying to become. It’s the target that your organization revolves around. Maybe you’re trying to create or offer the number one selling accounting package for small and medium-sized businesses. Maybe your organization wants to offer a line of automobiles that yield the highest miles per gallon of any car on the road. Or maybe in your personal life, you want to create a family atmosphere where you can raise responsible children.

Those are all three strategic intents that would be perfect for the right organization or the right individual depending on what it was that they wanted to achieve. You see, we need to know what our strategic intent is first. Once we know our strategic intent, we have the element that we need to build our personal life and our organization as well because the growth in the organization is going to help us to achieve what it is we’re trying to achieve long term.

So, number one, we need to know what our strategic intent is. Once we know that strategic intent, then we can create the right things that we need to be doing on a daily, weekly, monthly basis that will help us achieve those right things.

Strategic intent and the knowledge of that strategic intent helps us to know what it takes to be accountable, to build a strong organization and to achieve at a higher level.


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