What Went Right?

Do you find yourself constantly asking this question? Or, as so often is the case, are we asking, what went wrong? Are you living with the accountable mindsets of abundance, gratitude, and respect or do you find yourself slipping in the negative mindsets of scarcity, entitlement, and contempt?

Accountability is not a way of doing. Accountability is a way of thinking. And the mindset we choose drives those thoughts. Those thoughts, in turn, drive our actions. Our actions, well as you can see, are a direct result of the mindsets that we choose in the first place. In life and in business, we can choose our thoughts and direct our outcomes.

Now, I don’t for a second want you to think that I never slip into a mindset of scarcity. It happens. But we need to be able to recognize that when it happens and make the quick adjustment back to the accountable mindset.

Pay attention to the results you are achieving and the interactions you are having with people. If your results do not align with what you want to be happening evaluate your mindset, your beliefs, adjust, and then watch what happens to your results.


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