Where’s The Accountability in Our Leadership

Last week when President Trump said that he was sending an “Armada” to North Korea, the four ships mentioned were in fact heading in the opposite direction to participate in military exercises off the coast of Australia.

Where’s the accountability in the statement that President Trump made?

White House press Secretary Sean Spicer spoke of having the ships in the region to give the President more options with North Korea. The ships were not headed toward North Korea.

Where’s the accountability in the statement that the press secretary made?

Did President Trump loose his boats? Did he lie or was he just incompetent? Did we as a nation loose our credibility with the erratic North Korean leader because we made a statement and didn’t back it up with truth?

How do you hold anyone accountability when there is deception? How can accountability exist when someone lies?

Accountability is based on keeping your commitments to people and that is based on truth. When leaders lie and deceive then there is no transparency, there is no trust and there is certainly no accountability.

In our government, as in our organizations, and in our communities we must demand accountability. We do that by speaking up. We do that by not accepting lies. We do that by voting out people who do not also stand up for the truth and being accountable. And, we do that by supporting those who are totally honest, forthright and accountable.


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