Why You Will Be the Next Super Achiever

We open the newspaper or a magazine or we read online all the time about people who are doing amazing things, they’re achieving at a high level, they are the next super achiever. Well, you can be the next super achiever if you had these things in place.

First of all, know your strategic intent. Know what it is that you want to achieve because when you know what you want, it’s easier to figure out how to do it.

Next, stay focused. Stay focused on the strategic intent and stay focused on your right things, those activities, those tactical elements that will help you achieve on that strategic intent. Also, you need to inspire those around you because if you inspire those around you, they will rally to your cause, they will want to be a part of what it is that you’re doing and they’ll want to help you be successful.

The next thing, you super achievers don’t take no for an answer. They are persistent, they figure it out, they don’t leave it up to fate, they find a way to make it happen. And when they run into roadblocks, and we all run into roadblocks, they come up with a way around.

Super achievers don’t stop at success; they look for the next success. They want to build on that and not only that, they look to move beyond success for significance because significance is about meaning and purpose. Sure, we can accumulate money, wealth and riches but how we invest that, how we use that to deliver value, to create purpose in our life, the lives of the others around us, the people that we serve, in the business, the internal and the external stakeholders, at home with our families and our loved ones, it’s the significance that we deliver that ultimately determines how successful we are and whether or not we are a super achiever.


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