Procrastinating? Trouble starting? Learn to SNAP!

People who procrastinate often say, “If only I could bring myself to start, I would get it done.” Whether these people are talking about completing a report, learning a new language, or even starting a new show on Netflix, their problem is often simply starting. Starting is at the seat of procrastination, and procrastinating people have difficulty taking the first step. The greatest challenge and the hardest thing we can ever do is to start. On the other hand, procrastinating and not doing anything is the easiest thing that we can do.

When faced with choosing between the hardest and the easiest things, it becomes impossible not to choose the latter and procrastinate. This is something that everybody, including myself, struggles with. And for the longest time, I could not figure out how to overcome my hesitance to start or stop my procrastination.

Recently, I was talking to my friend about how I wanted people to be able to start working towards what they know they want to achieve and eliminate procrastination. I wanted it to be an easy way to simply just begin. My friend said it would be nice to have a trigger- and inadvertently snapped his fingers. That’s when it hit me. We need to learn to snap our fingers to start. If we commit to something as simple as snapping our fingers, we can better commit to completing the tasks we know we need to do. And we can stop procrastinating and get them done now.

As with many things in life, it simply starts with a commitment to ourselves. We identify a project or task we want to complete, and we commit to ourselves that when we snap our fingers, we will stop procrastinating and start. It becomes a physical trigger that we abide by, not because we have to but because we have committed to it.

However, SNAP is not a simple trick that can be used for every single task that we want to do, for there are infinite things that we want to do and finite time to do them.

Instead, SNAP also provides a criteria that helps us focus on those tasks that we need to.

SNAP makes you ask yourself the following questions about the tasks in front of you:

  • Is it Significant? – Is it meaningful enough to make you look forward to doing it?
  • Is it Necessary? – Is there an external force, like a deadline or a supervisor, making it necessary for you to get it done?
  • Is it Achievable? – Is it feasible? Is it completely unachievable or just unachievable, given the current situation?
  • Is it Priority? – Given everything you have on your plate right now, should you attend to this first?

These are the questions you must ask yourself to determine whether a task is worthy of a snap and to overcome procrastination. If a task IS worthy of one, then you know that it is something that you cannot procrastinate on and that you need to get it done. All you need to do then is SNAP and get started!

As with anything in life, committing to SNAP is not easy, nor is it quick. It takes time, practice, and, most importantly, dedication to upholding your commitments. However, as you develop this habit, your mind and spirit become attuned to the act of snapping to start. It becomes natural. It becomes our push to start, for we recognize the significance, priority, achievability, or necessity of the project ahead of us. We may not want to do something, but we know we need to, so we simply snap our fingers, stop procrastinating, and take the first logical step.


Starting is an integral step towards building Momentum in our actions and lives. If you would like to learn more about overcoming procrastination, creating accountability, and building momentum in your life or business, check out my newest book, “Momentum – Achieve maximum impact and influence for your life of limitless possibilities” at:


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