When Values Drive Creativity and Your Next Great Success

The greatest ideas are often born from a conscious effort to live our values. Jenny Nguyen has a deep love for women’s sports. In 2018, having to plead with a bartender to watch a women’s championship game on one of the smallest TVs at a mostly empty bar left her extremely upset. What bothered her most was not that she had to struggle so much just to watch women’s sports on an otherwise unused TV; instead, it was how she was used to having to do so. This had become the norm for Jenny, her friends, and others who enjoyed women’s sports. Even if no major men’s games were going on, they had to struggle to watch women’s sports in such social spaces.

Jenny realized that it was not just about disregarding women’s sports but rather about the lack of inclusion. The reality that even extremely high-stakes and thrilling women’s championship games were disregarded for no practical reason struck her hard. It reflected the lack of inclusivity toward women that characterized traditional sports bars.

Jennie began thinking of possible solutions, eventually coming up with the idea of a women’s sports-only bar. As a joke, Jenny called her imaginary bar “The Sports Bra.” This joke stuck around in her head for years, nagging at her mind as something she could potentially do to make a positive change in the lives of both herself and those around her.

After years of thinking about it, Jenny finally decided to take action. She felt that if she could get even one child to feel like they belonged in sports, her idea would be worth it. Jenny wanted to create a place of inclusivity and empowerment for those who felt like they did not belong anywhere else.

Jenny was not alone, people worldwide wanted this change: they wanted a place where women could enjoy women’s sports and feel included while doing so. So, they supported it. All they needed was someone actually willing to act on it.

Today, The Sports Bra is a huge success. Multiple women’s sports stars, like former professional basketball players Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi, have visited the bar for sponsored events. The bar is always packed full of energy, with only one thing playing on TV: women’s sports. The secret to the incredible success of The Sports Bra is not just its innovative business idea, good ambiance, and effective marketing. Jenny’s vision succeeded because it connected to her values which were felt and connected with by so many other people. The secret to any successful venture is the values it is created on. Jenny built her bar with a mission to create an inclusive place, where people feel like they belong and that connected with all those who wanted a place to belong.

They are now in action to open franchises across the United States. Jenny has expressed that she wants the people she grows with to have similar values.

People connect through values. We very rarely, if ever, connect through products and services. Strong, positive values attract strong, positive people.  Building communities of people who align with a set of values, be it an organization or simply a social network, creates powerful groups of people who can and will accomplish great things.

The journey becomes inevitable when you begin to move toward something you value and make it your purpose. It no longer is a choice, you just have to do it, for it calls out to you. Jenny found her calling and dedicated her efforts and time to it. Before she knew it, momentum took over and helped her reach heights she had not dreamed of. All she had to do was discover what meant something to her on a deep level that aligned with her values and start working toward it. And today, she inspires thousands of people worldwide to do the same.


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