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Month: May 2024

When Values Drive Creativity and Your Next Great Success

The greatest ideas are often born from a conscious effort to live our values. Jenny Nguyen has a deep love for women’s sports. In 2018, having to plead with a bartender to watch a women’s championship game on one of the smallest TVs at a mostly empty bar left her extremely upset. What bothered her most was not that she had to struggle so much just to watch women’s sports on an otherwise unused TV;

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Breathing Life into Organizational Values: A Blueprint for Accountability

In the realm of organizational success, accountability and being accountable are the cornerstones upon which values find their true meaning. Every organization identifies a set of values that reflect its essence, but it’s in the embodiment of these values that they become real. Let’s explore the art of effectively modeling and teaching organizational values, creating an accountable culture where these values are non-negotiable, and steps to help every organization member understand and live these values,

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